CookBook “Zoutbewust Koken & Eten”

"Zoutbewust koken & eten" is a cookbook teaching the user to eat less salt, which gives a lot of health benefits.


Cookbook: Zoutbewust Koken & Eten (Cooking and Eating Low-Salt).

This cookbook presented an exciting and rewarding endeavour. I played a pivotal role in various aspects, from crafting its visually appealing layout to producing a captivating crowdfunding video. My responsibilities encompassed photography, videography, graphic design, and formulating a strategic approach to engage potential investors. My ultimate aim was to infuse the cookbook with a modern and enticing vibe. A cookbook should be user-friendly and visually stimulating, and a contemporary touch goes a long way in achieving that.

What’s next?!

After its successful release in March 2023, the cookbook has garnered positive reception. We have plans to release an English version of the originally Dutch cookbook. Currently, our primary focus is on introducing the book to England and its surrounding areas, crafting a comprehensive rollout strategy.