Mobile Applications

"WeHague" is an all-inclusive app designed for the citizens and visitors of The Hague, showcasing a plethora of activities within the city. "Overwegen" is a mobile app that empowers users to make environmentally friendly choices during their travels.

The Hague is a vibrant city, brimming with opportunities to explore and indulge.

This Mobile App caters to the youth. “Buro Uit” initially served as a platform for youngsters, offering a glimpse into the city’s vibrant scene. However, we aimed to make it more accessible and engaging for today’s young generation, which led to the creation of WeHague. In collaboration with the municipality of The Hague, we infused the app with educational elements, such as sex education and financial advice.

We assembled a dynamic team of six individuals, armed with diverse expertise, and had four months to bring this vision to life. Our talented lineup comprised a User Interface Designer, a Graphic Designer, a Marketer, two developers, and a Project Leader. While I primarily focused on marketing, we fostered a collaborative environment, supporting one another across various tasks. Furthermore, we sought guidance from external experts, particularly in the realm of development, further enriching our project.


  • Client Township of the Hague
  • Task Mobile App Development for City Activities
  • Website


  • Client tHMA (Township of the Hague)
  • Task Mobile app development

‘Overwegen’ which means consider. Also ‘over’ and ‘wegen’ means about roads.

Essentially, this navigator app presents travelers with a comprehensive array of considerations. Its primary objective is to encourage responsible travel choices. Users are prompted to contemplate their mode of transportation, weather conditions, and distance. Ultimately, “Overwegen” seeks to instill environmental consciousness, highlighting CO2 emissions to prompt mindful decision-making.